The MIN (Male Involvement Network) is made up of programs and activities that support men in their endeavors to be all they can be. They are designed to bring men together to share and take advantage of opportunities for developing and / or enhancing strategies that lead to positive personal growth and development. Specifically, they include:

24/7 Dad® Curriculum to help men develop and / or enhance the attitudes, knowledge and skills they need to get and /or stay involved with their children or the children for whom they serve as father-figures.
Case Coaching / Management to assess, evaluate, and plan ways to meet a full array of men’s needs by connecting them with a variety of resources in the community.
Men’s Health Coaching to support and mentor men to cultivate positive health choices that will lead to achieving optimal health and wellness.
Brain / Mental Health Counseling to help men address their mental, emotional, psychological and social well-being.
Intergenerational Mentoring Group to bring three generations of men together to support each other’s growth.
Affirming Fatherhood Conference to educate and inspire participants to support men’s journey to positive presence in the lives of children, families and communities, with an annual sports theme as a conference backdrop
Stress Group to address stresses that impact every day life, including sources of stress, the physical and emotional symptoms of stress and strategies for coping with and managing stress.