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Male Involvement NetworkTM

Funded by the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County

The MIN (Male Involvement Network) is made up of programs and activities that support men in their endeavors to be all they can be. They are designed to bring men together to share and take advantage of opportunities for developing and / or enhancing strategies that lead to positive personal growth and development. Specifically, they include:

24/7 Dad® Curriculum to help men develop and / or enhance the attitudes, knowledge and skills they need to get and /or stay involved with their children or the children for whom they serve as father-figures.

Case Coaching / Management to assess, evaluate, and plan ways to meet a full array of men’s needs by connecting them with a variety of resources in the community.

Intergenerational Mentoring Group to bring three generations of men together to support each other’s growth.

Affirming Fatherhood Conference to educate and inspire participants to support men’s journey to positive presence in the lives of children, families and communities, with an annual sports theme as a conference backdrop.

Stress Group to address stresses that impact every day life, including sources of stress, the physical and emotional symptoms of stress and strategies for coping with and managing stress.

Fathering in 15™ is an online learning experience…That means it builds pro-fathering knowledge, attitudes, and skills in an online environment. It engages dads visually and interactively to deliver an enjoyable user experience. It’s “responsive,” which means we designed it for use on any device that you or a dad wants to use (i.e. desktop, tablet, or smartphone). It even includes an option for you or a dad to print out the content. For your FREE participation in Fathering in 15™ please type in your browser the following information or click on the link.

24:7 DAD® Program Contact

What It Is

A Fatherhood program that focuses on the characteristics that men need to be involved fathers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who It's For

Fathers and father-figures 18 and above

What You Receive

  • Group and Individual face-to-face training workshops and retreats
  • Optional case coaching from specialists
  • Curated tools and strategies to implement at home
  • Innovative and engaging exercises
  • 24/7 Dad Handbook and a Certificate of Participation

Affirming Fatherhood Conference Program Contact

What It Is

The Affirming Fatherhood Conference features local, state and national organizations, researchers, service providers and dads to educate and inspire participants to support men’s journey to positive presence in the lives of children, their families and communities. This means focusing on issues such as fatherhood, men’s health, personal responsibility, informing public policy and further developing the field of providers who work with fathers.

Hall of Fame Members

Clarence J. Atkins – 2022

Geoffrey Blair – 2022

Ronald Bradford – 2018

James Bryant – 2015

Kevin “KB” Burgess (Honorary) – 2022

Rechi Butler – 2018

Pastor Jorge Caballero – 2017 (Inducted Posthumously)

Devon Clark – 2019

Michael Clayton (Honorary) – 2017

Paul Daniels – 2019

Marlo Duckett – 2015 (Deceased)

Alvin Eberhardt III – 2021

Timothy Flanagan – 2019

Rev. Dwayne Gaddis (Honorary) – 2021

Curtis Leon Glover – 2016

Frank Gonzalez – 2019

Calvin Griffin – 2016

Kenn Harris – 2020

Cecil Hunter – 2015

Jack Johnson – 2017

Dr. Jeffrey Johnson (Honorary) – 2020

Noel Johnson – 2020

Russell Johnson – 2021

David Jones – 2018

Alvin Martinez – 2019

Rev. Miguel Maysonet – 2022

Rashid Mizell – 2021

Dan Parravano – 2018 (Inducted Posthumously)

Jason Perry – 2020

Dwight Phillips (Honorary) – 2016

Eugene Richardson – 2015 (Inducted Posthumously)

Ricc Rollins (Honorary) – 2021

Pastor Larry Roundtree – 2020

Phillip Rowland – 2020

Dwaine Rutherford – 2016

Lawrence Samuels – 2015

Kenneth Scarborough – 2017

John Shields – 2019

Clayton Sizemore (Honorary) – 2021

Dr. Kevin Sneed (Honorary) – 2021

Jorge Velazquez – 2021

Maurice Vernon – 2018

Calvin Williams – 2015

Ronald Yates – 2017

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