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As Senior Community Outreach Worker at REACHUP, Inc., Ruth Revilla is the major liaison between REACHUP, Inc. and its Community Church Collaboration Program. In this capacity, she interfaces with Church Volunteer Coordinators and is responsible for facilities management transportation referrals and assisting with other church collaborative activities. Since 2009, Ms. Revilla has worked diligently to promote REACHUP’s health equity mission—to help everyone have a fair opportunity to attain good health and to make sure that no one is disadvantaged from achieving good health, if it can be avoided—to service providers, recipients of services, community residents and other stake-holders.

Ms. Revilla has many years’ experience in education and outreach. She spent a decade with children as an elementary teacher, and has continued, over the last 15 years, working and collaborating with various community agencies, nonprofit organizations, and Hispanic Churches in Connecticut, New York, and Florida. Her experience working with children and families has given her vast expertise in home visiting, early childhood programs, and health education, as well as in providing families with resources and support. Born in Venezuela, Ms. Revilla has native proficiency in Spanish, and is an active member of the American Translators Association. She is married, and is the mother of a son and daughter.

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