The WE-CARE program is a cross collaboration of the University of South Florida Taneja College of Pharmacy and multiple stakeholders who serve as the Workgroup Enhancing Community Advocacy and Research Engagement (WE-CARE). REACHUP, Inc. is part of this team, working to improve health outcomes among minority populations by increasing minority enrollment and participation in research and building trust and mutual respect between the community and researchers.

REACHUP’s experience working with under-served and under-resourced communities over the past 20 years has brought us face-to-face with the impact of health inequities.  By working with WE-CARE to connect community members with academic research at USF, we hope to be an integral part of addressing underlying disparities that lead to reduced health outcomes for underrepresented minorities.

Please go to to view a video and find other information about WE-CARE.

WE-CARE Activities and Resources

2020 WE-CARE Lunch and Learn Summer Series

  1. “Ask the Dean” An Opportunity for Virtual Dialogue about Covid-19 featuring Dr. Kevin Sneed.
  2. Physical and Mental Wellness during the Pandemic Featuring: Dr. Angela M. Hill and Dr. Thea Moore
  3. Testing and Approaches for Covid-19 Featuring: Anjurn Kumbkarni, MD, and Haywood L. Brown, MD, FACOG
  4. Collaboration and Partnerships for Covid -19 Response Featuring: Christina Mathis, Jordan King, Pastor Carlos M. Irizarry hosted Dr. Deborah Austin
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