The Children’s Home Partners Kinship Services

The Children’s Home, Inc. “Partners Kinship Services, is a multi-funded, multi-agency collaboration whose overall goal is to provide case management that effectively links families, caregivers and children to services and supports that are designed as individualized plans that effectively keep children from entering the foster care system. The Partners Kinship collaborative provides or connects the participants to a continuum of intensive prevention and early intervention services for families in need of self-sufficiency services and those at risk of having children removed and brought into the Eckerd Community Alternatives formal foster care system. These services include case management, comprehensive assessment and planning services, and other social services including community referrals of families at risk of homelessness and other critical supports.

Families are identified by community stakeholders including Eckerd Community Alternatives Resource staff, schools, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Protective Investigation or other collaborative agencies as well as by self-referral. REACHUP then provides individual and group health and wellness education and support to relative caregivers and to the children in their care. Those caregivers participating in the Kinship Program will work with REACHUP staff and other providers to attain increased social supports, reports of reduced stress and demonstrated improved family well-being. The children will work with REACHUP staff and other providers to achieve and maintain healthy height / weight.

When a family completes the services provided by REACHUP, they are linked to existing community support groups and other services.


Funder: The Children’s Board of Hillsborough County through The Children’s Home, Inc.

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