Dr. David Gremillion of the Men’s Health Network and many others across the nation are concerned that there is a silent health crisis in America! On average, American men live sicker and die younger than American women. Men die at higher rates than women from 9 of the top 10 causes of death and are the victims of over 92% of workplace deaths. And, men of color account for much of the reported sex difference in chronic illness and death globally. U.S.-born black and Hispanic men have higher rates of fatal chronic conditions and shorter average life expectancies than their white and female counterparts*. These rates of chronic illness and death can be correlated with the fact that men are more likely to go long periods of time without healthcare, are less likely to adopt preventive health measures, and are more likely to engage in risky behaviors.

REACHUP, Inc.’s 10+years of providing services to men has brought us face-to-face with far too many health challenges, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and hypertension, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental health issues, obesity, and threat of violence. However, most of these men did not seek health care even when available in the community.

REACHUP, Inc. understands the importance of men’s health to the accomplish of their life purposes and the attainment of their dreams. We also know the value of positive interaction between men and their children, families, and communities that can be prevented by poor health. Therefore, REACHUP, Inc. has made a solid commitment to the health and wellness of men in Hillsborough County. Through its Male Involvement Network, REACHUP, Inc. will:

• listen to the voices of men in our community

• provide health and wellness coaching with the Male Health and Wellness Coordinator

• link men to clinical and community services that address both physical health and the social/psychological barriers to their good health

• follow-up with referrals to these clinical and community services

• educate communities and families about their role in addressing men’s health


More information about the new Improving the Health Status of Men Program can be obtained from Male Health and Wellness Coordinator, Daryl Clark, at (813) 712-6338, dclark@reachupincorporated.org


*Brown, T., Hargrove, T. W., & Griffith, D. M. (2015). Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Men’s Health: Examining Psychosocial Mechanisms. Family & Community Health, 38(4), 307–318. http://doi.org/10.1097/FCH.0000000000000080


The Improving the Health Status of Men Initiative is funded by Allegany Franciscan Ministries.