In December 2012 the U.S. Department of HUD awarded the Tampa Housing Authority (THA) with the Choice Neighborhood implementation grant to help revitalize the Central Park / Ybor community and turn it into a vibrant mixed economic development community that will attract the working class and professionals alike, making it a neighborhood of choice. This 5 year, $30 million grant is designed to provide cohesive and positive outcomes for families relocated from Central Park Village as well as the families who will occupy the site and surrounding Central Park/Ybor City neighborhoods post development. The Plan addresses the educational needs of families, including parents, in the neighborhoods from early childhood education through high school and beyond, as well as health, safety, mobility, job training and employment needs of the community. One of the first projects to be initiated is Encore, a neighborhood that will include public housing and market value condominiums.


REACHUP, Inc. will assist THA in transforming distressed neighborhoods and public and assisted projects into viable and sustainable mixed-income neighborhoods.  Health, housing, absence of mass transportation, lack of educational and employment opportunities, and unsafe working conditions are all implicated in producing inequitable health outcomes.


REACHUP will provide direct and indirect services to and activities for up to 25% of the prenatal and postpartum women living in the Tampa Housing Authority ENCORE site (zip code 33605) through its Central Hillsborough Healthy Start (CHHS) and other programs.


The direct services/activities will include:


Prenatal Depression Screening – Community Health Nurse or Perinatal Support Outreach Worker will administer the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) to each Encore site program participant at the initial contact visit. Further clinical assessment and diagnosis will be provided by the Licenses Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Mental Health Counselor who makes contact with the program participant if the depression screen is completed and the EPDS score is within the designated range.


Special Delivery Doula (Labor Assistant) Program will provide an integrated continuum of personalized prenatal, childbirth, doula, early parenting, and breast-feeding education and support services countywide for mothers at the ENCORE sites whose infants are at high risk for poor health, social and cognitive outcomes.


Prenatal Healthy Start Screening – Identify prenatal women and infant program participants via the Healthy Start Risk Screen, completed at the provider office or the hospital.  Healthy Start Screens are referred directly from the Hillsborough County Health Department.  Cases will be triaged, through review of Healthy Start Screen, and those who score falls within the designated range will be referred to CHHS for appropriate services.


Indirect services/activities will include:

Appropriate community-based service referrals/linkages to clients referred for health and intervention programs by case managers and other providers working with the family

Outreach for community based services which will locate and/or assist in the development and implementation of events and activities relevant to providing services for ENCORE site participants.


Provision of the opportunity for male involvement at the ENCORE site through REACHUP’s Male Involvement health, physical fitness and recreation activities, such as bowling, fishing, Community Consortium activities, Skills Training, development of reproductive health plan, etc.


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Funder: Tampa Housing Authority



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