Taisha J. Ortiz

Taisha J. Ortiz is a former Central Hillsborough Healthy Start (CHHS) consumer who became part of the Program with her first pregnancy in 2014. She served as a Community Consortium/Peer Support Group translator, breastfeeding support leader, and Community Consortium Co-Chair and alternate co-chair. In 2018, as co-chair of CHHS, Taisha traveled to Washington DC to speak to legislators to request continued funding of REACHUP, Inc./CHHS. She is currently the voice behind Todo Mujer, a podcast that informs and empowers women in their motherhood journey. The podcast also provides tools and support to help women achieve their goals as entrepreneurs, mothers, and wives as well as promoting their spiritual growth. Taisha is an active leader at her church, CCI Tampa, and is a wife and mother of 2.

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