Affirming Fatherhood Virtual Conference 2021

Fight the Good Fight: Stronger Bodies, Stronger Minds 

September 16-17, 2021  Tampa, FL


This Affirming Fatherhood Conference (AFC) is designed to demonstrate the valuable role of fathers and fatherhood to our present and future generations. Regardless of the path some fathers have taken to fatherhood, their roles as father are essential for healthy families, strong communities and a better world.

And now, more than ever, fathers need to be stronger both physically and mentally. This conference is always focused on reversing the negative view of fatherhood and supporting the important roles that fathers must play in their children’s lives.  However, we have pivoted this year’s AFC to focus on fathers and father-figures getting their minds and bodies right to successfully fight the challenges that COVID and other issues have brought into our families.

Families need super Dad strength right now. And a variety of presenters will provide accurate and insightful information on the importance of fathers and fathering to ensure just that.

The Conference is uniquely designed for a wide-ranging audience:

  • Fathers who are bringing their distinctive contributions to the job of parenting their children;
  • Staff providing services to fathers/men, often striving to balance dads’ needs and those of other family members the staff serve;
  • Policymakers and advocates working to enhance the rights of fathers to be part of their children’s lives;
  • Any one interested in advancing the positive results of fathering as supported by current research and practice.

A variety of presenters will provide accurate and insightful information on the importance of fathers and fathering. The men, women, service providers, community leaders and other stakeholders who attend will be elevated, enlightened and equipped to engage fathers as essential parts of children’s lives.


Registration is $75.00 for one day, $100 for two days.

Ads and Exhibitors

No Exhibitors. Ads will be in a souvenir journal for those in-person attendees and displayed virtually for our online presentations: (black and white or color), ¼ page- $250, ½ page – $500, Full page – $1,000 (front inside cover not available).

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