Our mission

The mission of REACHUP, Inc. is to advocate for and mobilize resources to help communities achieve equality in healthcare and positive health for families.

Organizational Vision: The vision of REACHUP, Inc. is to be known as a nationally recognized center of excellence, assisting in creating a community where there is equality in healthcare and health for all families.

Community Vision: Everybody being healthy. Everyone having the opportunity to achieve good health.



To build community capacity aimed at improving racial and ethnic equity in healthcare and positive health outcomes for families in the Tampa Bay region by one half percentage point annually by doing the following:

– Educate and inform staff, consumer, community partners and other stakeholders on current minority health issues.

– Collaborate and network with other minority non-profit organizations providing similar and complementary services.

– Provide annual training to staff and consumers on minority health and professional development.

– Increase employment and entrepreneurial capacity and opportunities for residents in the service area and beyond. To advocate on issues of health that bring about improved health outcomes in the Tampa Bay area.

– Provide information, technical assistance and consultation for policy makers, organizations and agencies working to promote equity in healthcare throughout the area.

– Study media and health updates monthly to remain current on the status of healthcare disparities locally, statewide, nationally, and globally.


To provide organizational and resource development for sustaining and growing REACHUP that includes: Central Hillsborough Healthy Start, and other approved program initiatives.

– Promote 100% annual Board giving by members

– Participate and organize at least one major fundraising event annually

– Recommend and assist in grant writing and business development opportunities

– Review and approve annual budgets of REACHUP and it approved affiliates

– Provide assistance and support in areas of human resources, marketing, and technologies


Core Values and Guiding Principles

We Value:
• Accountability: Assurance of responsible stewardship of organizational resources and assets.

• Collaboration: Internal and external collaborative relationships and activities.

• Community Leadership & Engagement: Community leadership and participation in defining and achieving organizational goals.

• Diversity: The welcoming of the diversity of opinions, backgrounds, perspectives and approaches.

• Education: The sharing of knowledge that fosters growth and development for the benefit of community.

• Excellence: High quality practice and customer service.

• Innovation: Thriving on creativity and ingenuity in leading the way to a new and better future.

• Integrity: Commitment to the highest standards of honesty, fairness and professional and scholarly conduct.

• Respect: The dignity of individuals with whom we collaborate.

• Social Justice: Creating social and health equity with compassion for all by making organizational resources available.


We Believe:

• Good health is essential to a quality life and all people should have access to quality and affordable health services.

• Communities have the capacity and willingness to support and strengthen families in raising competent and caring children.

• Families have the inherent and learned strengths and abilities to love, nurture, and protect.

• Childbirth and childrearing are opportunities for positively influencing the health and well-being of families, particularly mothers and infants.

• Equitable opportunities for education, employment and entrepreneurialism are as essential to optimal health of families and communities; as equitable access to quality and comprehensive healthcare.

• Our priorities for investments for health and healthcare must be based on the best scientific evidence.

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