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Cheryl Golden
“I am Finally Ok with Me Again!”
Cecil Hunter
“Though my walk being a single father hasn't always been easy, my heart ache has been my blessing…I would like to thank Mr. Ricardo Busquets of REACHUP, Inc. and the 24/7 Dad's program and Mr. Greyling [Wall] and his colleagues at the Children's Board Palm Avenue Family Resource Center for believing in me and giving me the encouragement and the tools to keep pressing forward.”
Robert ‘Bob’ Davis
"The program provided an excellent curriculum with much group discussion. We all agreed that having an involved father has obvious benefits to children. Many of us have either read newspapers or seen TV programs that talk about the clear benefits of fathers being involved in raising a child by providing love, support and comfort. During our discussion, we also agreed that fathers are important because they help teach children values and lessons in solving the problems they may face. Fathers also serve as role models in their children's lives, affecting how well their children relate to peers and adults outside the home. We all concluded that, being an involved father means being actively involved in nearly every aspect of your child's life."
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